How are Helical Piles Installed?

House is raised out of the way or land is prepared as shown below

Raised House
Our crew installing helical piles under what will be a house extension Long Island´s south shore
Preparing Land for Helical Pile Installation
Installing a helical pile in an open location. Notice the stack of helical piles in the picture.

The spots are marked and depths determined based on technical drawings & blueprints

Marking the Pile Spot
Our bobcat machine is set above the drilling location.
Drilling Piles in Marked Spot
Helical piles are drilled into the Earth.

Loads are transferred to the soils by the helical plates and shaft friction. The overall number and spacing of the plates are designed to maximize the allowable load capacity of the soils.

Determining Loads
The technology of the helical pile foundation is not so much in the manufacturing of the product but rather the specific required engineering design to achieve your goal. Here workers monitoring the load and precision of a helical pile installation
Determining Loads and Piles Needed
The diameter of the helical plates is governed by the pre-determined loading and soil condition. This is an artists' rendering of a helical pile. Each helical plate on any single pile will be of the exact same pitch as one another. This minimizes soil disturbance during installation compared with conventional piling techniques.

Not much room is needed to install a helical pile.

Installation Methods
Helical piles are installed using small equipment. This minimizes disturbance to the surrounding environment.
Making the Hole for the Pile
Driving a helical pile into the earth. A small hole is needed to install a helical pile. Very little dirt , also known as spoils, is brought up to the surface.

Helical piles are advanced (screwed) into the ground with the application of torque. The helixes are rotated into the ground until maximum torque is achieved. Design depth is achieved by bolting additional extensions according to site and landscaping restrictions.

Torque Monitor
A close up view of our torque monitor.